Ideal Health Foundation | Workshops and Courses
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Workshops and Courses

A human being is a triple unity of body, mind and soul. No individual can ever be healthy, wholesome and happy if any of these aspects is neglected. Till the body is absolutely clean, internally and externally, and free from all toxins and encumbrances, and till the mind is totally calm and stress-free at all times, and till we have attained to the purity of the soul, no individual can ever be complete and whole. The Ideal Health Foundation educational programmes help in doing exactly that.

At the Foundation, a disease is not the area of focus; health is. As health levels improve all diseased conditions recede from the body. A cure is not done; it happens naturally. Here, one does not learn the way to cure or treat a pathogenic condition; what is taught is to care for the organism in a way that no pathogen can ever harm.When health levels improve all disease dissolves from the body. The IHF educational programmes empower individuals to tackle all disease conditions naturally, without the support of harmful medications, and remain healthy for life.

The IHF workshops impart true health education to generate a healthy human resource for the nation.

Health Nectar

A total health management and restoration course and workshop. Each is specially designed for children, youth, women, families, corporate groups, stressed out executives and parents. Health Nectar is a complete nourishment for body, mind and soul and inculcates true health culture.

It is a 2- to 3-day workshop.

Tender Touch

Natural health care programme for the newborn, children, mothers and grandmothers.


Kitchen and diet reform workshop for every woman who cares for her family. Cooking methodology delightfully simplified. Men are specially invited to savour the recipes.

True Health Empowerment

Advanced course for sincere health seekers, which truly empowers you to help yourself and others in tackling minor as well as serious health problems. This takes you towards freedom from fear, freedom from disease and freedom from hospitals forever. This also includes a 40-day Health Restoration Programme, to be followed at home. This 6-week programme guides you to move towards restoring your health and addressing all your chronic health problems.

The full course consists of 3 Levels.

Level 1: A three-day educational workshop for the physical and physiological health and wellbeing. Combine one-day SahajSamadhan workshop and it completes four days.

Level 2: A two-day mental health workshop. Only those can enroll who have attended Level 1 and have followed a 40-day Health Restoration Programme.

Level 3: A three-day meditational and spiritual health workshop for complete mental and spiritual rejuvenation.

Any individual completing Levels 1 & 2 is entitled to freely attend all other workshops any number of times as a constant revision and learning process.

IHF courses are conducted with a minimum group of 20 people to a maximum of 50. All courses, workshops and educational programmes are held at the IHF headquarters, 7Km from the Dharamshala airport at a camping site next to the Chambi stream in the shadows of the Dhauladharranges. For details, fill-up the registration form or contact us.