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The lethal vaccines

This open letter to the then Health Minister of India, Ms Sushma Swraj, appeared in the February 2004 issue of National Review (a Media Trans Asia publication, now out of print)


There is strong medical evidence suggesting that inoculation unleashes dreadful diseases like autism and cancer


by Anuradha Vashisht


Honorable Health Minister,

It is truly admirable the way your ministry mobilises resources and your men reach out to hundreds of thousands of children in the country with their polio vaccine kits.

The kind of resources that are mobilised for the Pulse Polio campaigns, the kind of media blitzkrieg that marks the drive, the kind of hype that is whipped up year after year about the war against this invisible enemy, all seem to be a work done well and hard. It shows when there is a will, the government can surely have the way.

For years, I watched this magnificent exercise year after year, with admiration. That is, until I started to research independently and go deep into the causes of diseases and their possible cures.

So when I saw the Pulse Polio campaign building up this New Year, it sent a chill through my spine. The admiration was gradually and surely replaced by horror—horror at this image of a delicate, helpless infant being administered what had been established as poison even over a century ago, while his parent looks on with total trust. This image moved me no end.

So I am compelled to write to you and share some of the information regarding vaccines with you. I assume that you, and Mr Amitabh Bachchan, are as oblivious in this regard as my next-door neighbour—she swears by vaccinations. Had you been aware, your ministry would not have spent public money on polio vaccine campaigns with such a vengeance, nor would have Mr Bachchan goaded people to support the crusade with such a flourish. I am sure you wouldn’t have allowed a terrible thing like this to happen. It is obvious that the related information is not easily available to the people of our country; or the Pulse Polio campaigns could not have been a success by your ministry’s standards.

It is interesting to note that nowhere in the history of medical science has it been firmly established that vaccinations either confer immunity from any disease, or they are safe and desirable. In fact, it has been proven that far from strengthening the health levels of an individual, vaccination actually makes them prone to diseases. Since 1952, the year polio vaccine went into effect in Great Britain, British Public Health Laboratories have admitted that over half the cases of polio in Britain have been caused by the vaccine itself.


Second, vaccines are not only filthy matter, they are also poisonous. Injecting vaccines into any living organism—human or animal—is an act of terrible violence to that being. Continuous medical reports over the years have talked about vaccines possibly being an indirect cause of increased incidence of heart ailments, cancer, autism and even AIDS.

Third, and most important, they not only kill an individual’s natural, active immunity, they make him susceptible to many other kinds of diseases, which he would have been naturally immune to, otherwise.

In regard to polio vaccination, kindly consider this. On July 1, 1985, Los Angeles Times staff-writer Bill Curry, wrote in an investigative article, ‘Polio War Renewed Controversy’: “In USA today the only cause of polio is the oral polio vaccine routinely administered to infants in society’s drive to rid the nation of the disease.”

Vaccines are also fraught with the dangers of contamination, which is extremely difficult for even the most vigilant authorities to check. During a major polio vaccination scandal in 1983 in New Zealand, a shocked public learned that in the 1960s two and a half million New Zealanders had been vaccinated with highly-dangerous and contaminated monkey-based polio vaccine, which left many crippled for life and others faced with the threat of developing brain, kidney, breast and other tumours, multiple sclerosis and other catastrophes.

The then Minister of Health, Dr A Malcome stated: “It cannot be ruled out that two million New Zealanders could not be suffering in thirty years’ time from cancerous brain tumours as a result of the vaccinations.” The history of vaccination is laced with tragedy, which, said the front page of the N.Z. Truth, places “the health of the entire nation at risk”.

The effects are already catching up. A very well researched article by William Carlsen reported in San Francisco Chronicle on July 15, 2001 that a growing number of medical researchers fear that a monkey virus that contaminated polio vaccine given to tens of millions of Americans in the 1950s and ‘60s may be causing rare human cancers. He reported that dozens of scientific studies in recent years have found the virus in a steadily increasing number of rare brain, bone and lung-related tumors.

“The recent SV40 discoveries come at a time of growing concern over the dangers posed by a range of animal viruses that have crossed the species barrier to humans, including HIV, which scientists now believe came from chimpanzees and ultimately caused the AIDS epidemic,” wrote Carlsen.

Researcher and author Hans Ruesch, in Slaughter of the Innocent, stated: “The overwhelming majority of people vaccinated all over the world against polio have been inoculated with potentially carcinogenic substances that are theoretically capable of producing cancer.”

In Naked Empress he emphasised: “There is crushing evidence that polio has not been eliminated by vaccination, but on the contrary has experienced resurgence … wherever mass inoculation was introduced. The first polio vaccine, the Salk, caused polio epidemics in the U.S.A., Canada, Hungary, Israel, Japan and Australia.  In Brazil, vaccination… unleashed the severest polio epidemic the world had ever known. Paralytic polio was virtually unknown before the mass vaccination campaigns began in the late 19th century.  The polio virus, which is present but dormant in most people, is activated and mutates to its paralytic form after vaccination.”

Reports have filtered in regarding the horrifying effects of other vaccines too. While scientists have uncovered the strongest evidence yet that the three-in-one measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine plays a clear role in the development of autism, DPT, the three-in-one vaccine for diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), tetanus has been ignobly linked to SIDS: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (cot death).

Scientists at Utah State University reported finding a strong association between the MMR vaccine and an autoimmune reaction which is thought to play a role in autism.

Similar hair-raising reports have been filed regarding the effects of DPT, that the helpless new-born babes are subjected to. The August 1987 issue of She reported: “Evidence is growing in the US that the DPT triple vaccine has been killing children for over 40 years,” it reported.

More damning criticism came from Dr R Mendelsohn, late Chairman of the Medical Licensing Committee for the State of Illinois, and the recipient of numerous awards for excellence in medicine. In his Confessions of a Medical Heretic, he said: “My suspicion, shared by others in my profession, is that nearly 10,000 SIDS in the US each year are related to the vaccines….”

It is a terrible blunder in the history of medical science that without the efficacy and safety of the smallpox vaccine ever being established, millions of innocent and unsuspecting people have been injected with the filthy and toxic substance.

Honourable health minister, there is definite and sufficient evidence in the world to prove that vaccinations are not only not required at all, they have already poisoned the bloodstream of the present and the coming generations. An irrevocable damage has already been done, since there are reports of genetic alterations due to the harmful effects of some of the vaccines.

I specially refer you and your advisers to Dr Charles Creighton, one of Britain’s most learned medical historians, whose comprehensive article on pathology (1885), commissioned for the ninth edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, cast serious doubts upon the existence of pathogenic bacteria; another on vaccination (1888).

Dear madam, nowhere in the world has the ruling authority ever been held accountable for so much of damage unleashed on unsuspecting humanity in the name of giving health for the past 100 years or so. Yet I feel that with the health of the entire nation and the coming generations at stake, you have an enormous responsibility.

The key to be free from all and any kind of diseases lies in what natural hygienists the world over have propagated for over a century and half. As Hans Ruesch put it, “Hygiene in the broadest sense of the word, physical, mental and alimentary, is the only key to health.”

And before I am accused of trying to create some kind of public scare through this scantily-available information in our country, let me hasten to add that I do not vaccinate my own children.

It seems too simplistic to believe, but the truth is that all disease rises from unhygienic conditions within and without. So we know the key to escape from disease is internal and external cleanliness, and it is a subject of deep study. Vaccines and drugs is certainly not the way.

Late Dr Robert Mendelsohn, Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Illinois, said that many medical professionals are concerned that “as we pollute our environment with man-made chemicals, so we pollute our children with injections from a Pandora’s box of chemicals, the consequences of which could spell disaster by destroying the immunity of mankind itself”.

Dr Sydenham, one of the pioneers of medical progress, said, “As it is palpable to all the world how fatal smallpox proves to many of all ages, so it is clear to me from all the observations that I can possibly make, that if no mischief be done, either by physician or nurse, it is the most safe and slight of all diseases.

Dr Henry Lindlahr, Prof. Arnold Ehret, and Louis Kunhe are just a few names in the world history of human health who truly understood the causes and the remedies of disease. Amongst them all, the contribution of our very own Acharya K Lakshmana Sarma, who lived and propagated the true science of health in the middle of the last century, is major. I wish your ministry could take a cue or two from the monumental work he has left behind, so that our nation moves towards real health and not the make-believe one, where one cannot move a step without the crutches of vaccines and drugs.

Dear madam, I hope you would care!


(The author is Deputy Editor with Life Positive magazine. She researches the effects of modern lifestyles on human and environmental ecology)