Ideal Health Foundation | Preamble
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Ideal Health Foundation Preamble

The scientific studies undertaken during the past two centuries by selfless natural hygienists the world over have clearly established that the health of a human being can be kept at its ideal or near ideal level only through man’s strict adherence to the laws of Nature (governing human health and happiness), which are eternal, immutable and inviolable.


It is now well known that some rather alarming developments in the modern world have led to a serious disturbance of the ecology within the human organism, leading to a situation where vast numbers of humanity around the globe have developed or are developing advanced chronic and destructive diseases, which are admittedly incurable.


The Foundation is established with a vision to help and assist each individual to be free from dependence on any other being than self to achieve health and relief from disease and physical, mental and emotional discomfort. The idea is to help every human being become his or her own health consultant, without dependence on any doctor or medication. It emphasizes on helping the individual to raise his or her health level to the optimum, and defeat any disease.


The Foundation also seeks to make it known to the world that unless there is a synchronicity and unity between human ecology and environmental ecology, it is impossible to find ideal health or real health in its true sense. The Foundation is committed to spread awareness in this regard.


The Foundation has been established by the inspiration of all those people who have lived and continue to live their lives according to the natural laws of health, who are committed to non-violence and who teach and propagate this divine science of health in letter and spirit.