Ideal Health Foundation | Objectives
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The Foundation will…

    • take steps to broadcast the principles of natural hygiene among the people to make them health conscious in the real sense of the term


    • work with a sincere purpose to establish physical, mental and spiritual health in the larger interest of humanity


    • research on and document issues and topics relevant to the Foundation activities


    • publish books, journals, papers, newsletters, leaflets and other necessary material to promote the activities of the Foundation


    • publish books, journals, papers, newsletters, leaflets and other necessary material and to disseminate information and spread public awareness on health issues affecting individuals and society


    • build a data base through validated case studies and personal experiences


    • encourage farmers to establish their own seed banks (beejkosh) and preserve local varieties of all kinds of crops and herbs


    • form and build—as and when required—forums, social interaction groups, agencies, societies, organisations and institutions for children, youth and communities to work for health and happiness of all


    • utilise the educational institutions, specially the secondary schools and colleges to stress the point that health is mainly a personal affair which each person has to attend to


    • encourage the setting up of health food stores in different parts of the country to ensure that natural wholesome foods like hand-pounded rice, hand-ground atta, ghanni-pressed oil fresh wholesome milk, fresh and natural brown bread, organically grown fresh produce and similar items are available to all consumers


    • take steps to prevail upon the authorities at the central and state levels to ensure that organic farming becomes the rule all over the country. Organic farming is an effective tool to restore and improve soil health and it keeps the agricultural produce naturally resistant to pests and insects, making it unnecessary the spraying of insecticides and pesticides, which pollute the atmosphere. Being carcinogens they can be the cause of cancer in many persons


    • impress upon the authorities to protect our land’s natural biodiversity and also educate the people to protect, respect and understand the importance of this Nature’s bounty bestowed on the people of this land


    • disseminate information and spread awareness on the effects of modern lifestyles on human ecology (body, mind and soul balance) and environmental ecology


    • take effective steps to ensure that soil, water and air are protected against pollutants and no non-biodegradable waste is dumped in the environment


    • promote the true science of Natural Hygiene and sensitise individuals about the understanding of human ecology, true health and natural hygiene


    • teach the science of yoga and pranayam through regular classes for the benefit of the individual who wants to move towards complete health


    • take steps through village panchayats and other concerned agencies to ensure maintenance of external sanitation in the most natural form (without spraying of DDT or other chemicals). The help of these agencies will also be fully utilised in the promotion of organic farming


    • take steps to launch public campaigns for reducing the incidence of, if not the eradication of, diseases like cancer, TB, leprosy, AIDS etc and impress especially on the official authorities that the sole aim of the Foundation is for the establishment health for all


    • educate society about the true cause of diseases—from common cold and influenza to cancer and AIDS—and the ways and means of preventing them and getting rid of them


    • provide total health management through study groups, consultations, follow-ups and support groups to each individual wanting to regain or improve his own or the family’s health


    • hold workshops, interfaces and interactive seminars, study groups, extension programmes and joint projects to build up a healthy human resource


    • provide consultations, assistance and help to individuals suffering from physical, mental and emotional ailments


    • hold community workshops in rural areas, slums and as well as all other strata of society to educate the people on the issues of internal and external hygiene in order to gain and retain complete health


    • create sincere and dedicated teachers of the science of natural hygiene with a prerequisite that at no stage will this divine science be diluted or used for personal commercial gains; nor would this science be ever combined with any other alternative healing methods to provide relief to any ailing individual


    • work in partnership with institutes/organisations working with similar aims and objectives


Besides the above the Foundation would work towards developing a


1. National-level Action Plan which impresses upon the authorities and country’s law-makers


    • to have a clear agriculture policy which is not dictated by market-driven forces and purely commercial objectives but has more human- and environment-friendly approach;


    • to make natural and healthy foods easily available;


    • to make it mandatory to label each packaged food item with ‘This is not a natural and fresh food; its contents are not established to positively enhance health’;


    • to levy health tax and environment tax on foods and activities which are detrimental to both. Divert this revenue to subsidize natural (organic) foods and products and towards revitalizing environment and people’s health;


    • to withdraw all subsidies on chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides/insecticides;


    • to declare all synthetic ‘food’ items like colas, beverages, sugar, refined oils and flours as health hazards. Declare tea and coffee as drinks ‘consumed at your own health risk’. Make manufacturers declare their caffeine content and give information on the effects of caffeine on humans;


    • to make natural and organic foods cheaper than hybrid and chemicals-infested crops. For example, make fruit cheaper than colas;


    • to include the subject of natural health & hygiene in school syllabi.


2. Work on the vision to build an Institute of Natural Health Sciences and Therapeutics. It will be a unique institute of research, learning and imparting knowledge on the natural ways of living a completely healthy life in perfect harmony as Mother Nature intends us to live.


3. Work towards building National Healing Centres for Natural Health Care.