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I was in the thick of furious activity when Suma’s voice reached out to me from Bombay. She wanted me to contribute to the Life Positive anniversary issue as an ex LP deputy editor. I knew I would have to bend over backward even to do a short write-up. Moreover, at the face of it, my just about six-months stint at Life Positive in a 15-years journalistic career appeared rather brief to be considered much in a life-span. But for one who has experienced transformation in a moment, half-a-year could compress journeys of countless lifetimes.

So where does that leave me? At my desktop, of course! But it took me five days to find that gap in a demanding schedule, where I could pause and meditate on those hectic months of my life that were so inextricably linked with Life Positive.

It was friend Rajesh Prabhakar, an ardent admirer and long-time subscriber of the magazine, who once suggested that Life Positive is the place for me. That was during my year’s sabbatical from professional work, when I was trying to strengthen my spiritual moorings and move towards the real purpose of my life. I had never seen or read Life Positive, so I couldn’t relate to what he meant. But when another friend suggested the same thing, I was a little curious to find out more about the magazine. I soon met Parveen, but nothing concrete emerged regarding my joining the magazine. It was after my first visit to my Satguru, Yogiraj Gurunath’s, ashram in Pune that I had a strong desire to share my experiences with people who could relate to what I was saying. I realized there was no other publication than LP which had a willing readership for such a write-up—no one else provided that kind of a platform. A month after the article was published in LP, I joined the magazine.

Long before I came to LP, I had already sought and found the spiritual path defined for me in this lifetime. My coming to Life Positive coincided with my journey ahead on that path. I saw my role here as contributing towards motivating others on their spiritual quest. I knew that as far as spiritual quest is concerned, the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was as real as the rainbow itself. So I hoped that if my writings could reflect even a soft hue of its colours, the reader could some day glimpse the radiance enveloping each human soul. In that respect, I feel some satisfaction both as a writer as well as a spiritual being, since some of the LP readers are now with me on the path.

I owe it to LP that I could reach out to some minds and souls who were searching for what I had already received by my Guru’s grace. I see LP as a very important stepping stone to what I am doing today. The path to where I am today may not have necessarily crossed through Life Positive. The fact remains that it did.

Each moment of our life, each event, however insignificant it might appear to us at that particular time, is part of the thread which is used to weave the fabric that is our life. Every episode of our life contributes to the great and beautiful design that each of us lives out. But as the design unfolds, we do not know how it will look like. In our anxiety to know what the design looks like before it is accomplished we miss out on being a part of the weaving process. Fortunately, having learnt the process of being an impartial witness as our life’s events unfold, I was able to enjoy every moment of my brief but eventful halt at Life Positive. And having got the space to express myself fully, I was also able to produce some truly memorable pieces in my creative quest, for which I need to thank Parveen.

In some respect I will always cherish my being a part of LP since, as I said before, it was a stepping stone for me to jump across to such pastures whose boundaries are nowhere in sight, and nor are the horizons.

I wish a happy and meaningful quest for the LP readers in whatever they are looking for. And I wish to thank Suma for making me pause for a moment and analyze the role that Life Positive has played in my life.


While at Life Positive I constantly contemplated on finding ways to give more meaning to life as well as put into practice what I acquired over a period of time. As result, I established two Trusts, Ideal Health Foundation and Nivritti, and a non-government organization (NGO), Bio Organic Resource Centre.

Inspired by Acharya S Swaminathan, Ideal Health Foundation has been established with an objective to help restore human and environmental health. It propagates the Science of Natural Health and Hygiene for restoring human and environmental health and to help individuals understand and adopt the total approach to health—the drugless way—in order to defeat any disease and achieve physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual integration.

Nivritti helps individuals and groups to work for personal and national growth. The idea is to effect positive social and environmental transformation through internal transformation and help develop human resource through integration of the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social selves.

The Bio Organic Resource Centre is formed to research and develop such technologies and interventions which provide alternatives to chemicals-based agriculture and empower farmers with natural means in all field operations. The aim is to help them move towards sustainable agriculture without doing violence to the natural environment while enhancing natural productivity and enriching in-situ bio-diversity.

I feel quite fulfilled creating, conducting and organising transformational workshops for individuals and groups through Nivritti, and directing Ideal Health Foundation activities, which include researching, writing, publishing books and newsletters, conducting talks, lectures, workshops, seminars, health camps and teaching courses, helping setting up complete health food stores, motivating farmers to adopt bio technologies and encouraging people to adopt natural and healthier lifestyles.

During all this while, I keep coming across people who wouldn’t let me forget my Life Positive connection.