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Join hands in IHF efforts to spread awareness on health issues. Health is every individual’s birthright


Become a stakeholder in improving your own and your environment’s health. Impress upon the policy makers and the government to:


  • make natural and healthy foods easily available
  • label each packaged food item with ‘This is not a natural and fresh food; its contents are not established to positively enhance health
  • levy health tax and environment tax on foods and activities which are detrimental to both. Divert this revenue to subsidise natural (organic) foods and products and towards revitalizing environment and people’s health
  • declare all synthetic ‘food’ items like colas, beverages sugar, refined oils and flours as health hazards. Declare tea and coffee as drinks ‘consumed at your own health risk’. Make manufacturers declare their caffeine content and give information on the effects of caffeine on humans
  • make natural and organic foods cheaper than hybrid and chemicals-infested crops. For example, make fruit cheaper than colas
  • include the subject of natural hygiene in school syllabi
  • have a clear agriculture policy whose objective is human and environmental health is not dictated purely by market-driven forces and purely commercial objectives
Ideal Health Foundation is a non-profit organization working towards health for one and all. It is funded by registrations, contributions and donations. All consultations and health improvement guidance are given to the patient free of cost.


Most IHF activities are based on extensive and intensive research, whose results are then put forward for the benefit of humanity at large. AIDS and Cancer are major research areas, where the organization seeks funds from compassionate humans to help reach out to the ailing and suffering people who cannot afford expensive treatments. Please feel free to donate and help using our bank account details below :-


Axis Bank
Branch Defence Colony
A/C Number: 357010100015677
IFSC Code: UTIB00000357


Donations and submissions to the Foundation are Tax Exempted under Section 80 G.


Those who genuinely feel for the cause of everyone’s health, especially for the young, innocent generation, and want to extend a helping hand, contact us or enroll for our courses.

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