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Ideal Health Foundation is a registered non-profit Trust. Inspired by the grand vision and ideals of India’s great sages and traditions, the Foundation works to help restore what has been destroyed in human and environmental ecology. All publications and activities of the Foundation are guided by true, scientific knowledge which is derived from personal experience, research and wisdom of truth-seekers the world over.


In India, Acharya Seshadri Swaminathan has preserved the light of this immense wisdom for over half-a-century before deciding to pass it on to humanity through Ideal Health Foundation. Drawing immensely from his Gurus and guides, Swami Pranava Brahmendra Ananda Saraswati, Swami Sivanand and Acharya Lakshmana Sarma, his own stature grew as he guided thousands for more than 56 years to learn and benefit from the Divine Science of Natural Health.


The Trust deeply acknowledges its debt to Acharya Swaminathan. He spent his entire life living and upholding the principles of Life Natural and preserving this immense repository for posterity.


Further, the Trust expresses gratitude to people like Russel Trall, M.D., Louis Kunhe, Herbert M. Shelton, Dr Edward Hooker Dewey, Dr C.W.Page, Dr Andrea C Rabagliati, Prof. Arnold Ehert, Henry Lindlahar, M.D., and many others before and after them, for their contribution to the Science of Natural Therapeutics. Also immense is our debt to Acharya Lakshmana Sarma for developing and expounding the life-saving and life-preserving Laws of Natural Health and Life.


One of the objectives of Ideal Health Foundation is to help reach the people well-researched and quality publications, which benefit the reader by improving his or her understanding of the cause of disease and the way to regain lost health. The aim is to make every individual self-reliant in matters of health. Dependence leads to insecurity and fear. Independence and empowerment gives confidence, peace and happiness.


Ideal Health Foundation works towards health for one and all. It is totally funded by contributions and voluntary donations. Contributions to the Foundation are tax exempted.


Ideal Health Foundation, through its workshops, courses and interactives, helps sincere health-seekers to know, understand and apply the secrets of wellness, so that each individual can manage his own and his loved one’s minor as well as serious health problems independently, with confidence and without fear.


The Science of Natural Health & Hygiene, which the Foundation propagates, is far superior and beyond what the modern world understands as ‘Naturopathy’. Even the term Nature-Cure, which was originally and actually used to convey the essence of the Science of Natural Hygiene, has now assumed a distorted meaning, where ‘cure’ and ‘remedy’ has become all important and Nature — the only healer — has been grossly ignored. Corrective action, and not remedy, is the answer. It is not an alternative to any system of medicine; actually there is no alternative. It is a way of life.


The science of nature ‘care’ is applied physiology, applied psychology, applied nutrition and applied ethics. And here, we insist on the ‘Science of Natural Health and Hygiene’ or ‘Natural Hygiene’ as the defining phrase. To equate it or mistake it for ‘Naturopathy’ or ‘Nature-Cure’ (as understood in modern times) will not only be a grave error but also reflect our gross ignorance of the subject.

The Science of Natural Health & Hygiene

An individual following the principles and laws of health, through personal experiences, soon realizes that it is a Divine Science of Health. This science reveals itself to any human being who is ready to understand and abide by the Laws of Nature pertaining to health. These natural laws are eternal, immutable and inviolable. By following them one can benefit greatly by keeping oneself practically disease-free for life.


Though individuals the world over, at different point of time and space, have got an insight into the Science of Natural Health through their own experience, and all came to similar conclusions, the IHF Founder was first introduced to this science by Acharya S Swaminathan, a disciple of Acharya Laxman Sarma. She then researched extensively and realized that a number of medical scientists from the world over, at different times in last two hundred years, had given up the allopathic way after they got insight into the way Nature heals and effects cure inside any organism, provided we follow the Laws of Health and Hygiene.


Here, it needs to be stressed that the Science of Natural Health is not another alternative healing system; in fact there is no alternative to health!


However, observations and experiences show that any dilution of, or deviation from, the core principles of this Divine Science of Natural Health will not give full and real benefit to anyone seeking solutions to his or her physical, physiological, mental or emotional problems.


Having experienced and understood these laws or principles, and having lived by them, one can claim the following without any hesitation that:


  • It is possible to remain practically disease-free for life till a ripe old age
  • Health is a personal issue which a person should be capable of handling by himself or herself
  • It is possible to live simple and stress-free lives
  • Remaining healthy is totally in ones own hands
  • One need not spend millions on one’s health. Health cost is practically zero

Courses & Workshops

One does not need an expert or a doctor to cure oneself of an ailment or disease. To cure oneself, one only needs to know the science of health. And Health is not a technical subject, which can only be understood by an ‘expert’. The science of health is so simple that even a child can master it. A health-seeker could only be interested in the science of health. He has nothing to do with pathology, the branch of medicine that is concerned with studying diseases and illnesses. The IHF courses and workshops teach the science of health.

Health Nectar

A total health management & restoration course, that provides complete nourishment for body, mind & soul, inculcating true health culture.

Tender Touch

This is a Natural health care course for newborns, children, mothers and grandmothers. It teaches the basics of laying a healthy foundation for children.

Sahaj Samadhaan

Kitchen and diet reform workshop for every woman who cares for her family. Cooking methodology delightfully simplified.

True Health Empowerment

Advanced course for sincere health seekers, which truly empowers you to help yourself and others in tackling minor as well as serious health problems.

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