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Anuradha Vashisht

Anuradha Vashisht is a researcher and writer based in Delhi. During her 16-years experience as a media professional she was variously associated with the Times Group, Indian Express, Financial Express, Mid-Day, The Pioneer and TERI. After she gave up her responsibilities as Deputy Editor, Life Positive, a personal growth magazine, she founded Ideal Health Foundation, a non-profit Trust, in 2004 under the guidance of Acharya Swaminathan, with an objective to help restore human and environmental health and to help individuals understand and adopt the total approach to health—the drugless way.


Drawing deeply from her personal experiences with the Divine science of natural health and hygiene, and inspired by the experiments she subjected herself to, she offers incredibly simple solutions to lead a happy, naturally healthy, robust and stress-free life. She has spent over a decade-and-half intensively researching the effects of modern lifestyle on human ecology (body, mind and soul) and environmental ecology and extensively exploring world authorities on the science of natural hygiene. Besides, she keenly studied the subject for several years under Acharya Swaminathan, who had a lifetime experience of over 55 years helping people recover from hopeless conditions, naturally.


A great part of her understanding and knowledge of the subject also comes from her own personal experiences with this science. The knowledge of this science empowers individuals to defeat disease and degeneration and achieve physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual integration. She and her family live and abide by the natural laws of health and have reaped the accompanying benefits for the past several years.


As Director, Ideal Health Foundation, she directs all Trust activities, which include researching, writing, publishing books, creating awareness on complete health issues, conducting talks, lectures, workshops, seminars, health camps and teaching courses, motivating farmers to adopt bio technologies and organic interventions and encouraging people to adopt natural and healthier lifestyles. She is also researching and working on books related to the cause she is committed to. To reach some of her write-ups, click here.


She has further enriched her personal and spiritual life through the practice and experience of the timeless Kriya Yoga with the blessings of Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath and with the experience of the Divine in Guruji.


Knowing that the total approach to health cannot be achieved without focusing on the spiritual aspect of man, she was inspired to create Nivritti, another non-profit Trust, in 2004 to effect positive social and environmental transformation through internal transformation. This is to help develop human resource through integration of our spiritual and social selves. As Managing Trustee, Nivritti, and with the guidance from Baba Nirmalanand ji, she spearheads all activities of the Trust, including building of Shraddha Suman (Garden of Faith) as an offering to her spiritual solace, her Guruji.


Anuradha has also established Bio Organic Technologies with an objective to spread awareness on soil and environmental regeneration and produce natural manures and fertilizers. This was prompted by her special interest in the study of socio-economic impact of agricultural practices and crop preferences and the environmental and health implications of agrochemicals, organochlorines and phthalates use by humans. As Promoter-Director, Bio Organic Technologies, she is promoting natural technologies for environmental regeneration.


Anuradha gave up her professional life as a media person to pursue her passion for researching on human and environmental health. Her research, experimentation and personal experiences over more than two decades established beyond doubt that use of synthetic materials and chemicals in the modern world have posed a grave threat to the well being of human (body, mind and soul) as well as environmental ecology. She firmly believes that to flow with Nature and abide by its laws is the only path that leads to a healthy and wholesome life.


She is presently working on a project called Nisarga. It is conceptualized to fulfill her vision of creating a place and a system that showcases the possibilities of taking man and societies towards a simple, healthy and happy life. Here the world moves collectively towards ever-refined physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual growth and wellbeing.


She has published one book, ‘Health Recipes: From Mother with Love’, which was created with an intent to give a practical handbook in the hands of parents to work towards their children’s and the family’s complete health. Her second book, ‘Food for Life’, is shortly going into print. It delineates that food for the soul and the mind is equally, if not more, important than for the body. Unlike the first book, which is more of a practical handbook, ‘Food for Life’ is a theoretical exposition of what entails food for the body, food for the mind, and food for the soul—and unless all the three are nourished with equal care, man cannot achieve complete and wholesome health.


Through her following forthcoming books, Anuradha appeals to every individual’s common sense and rationality to decide what path he wants to tread—that of boldness, open-mindedness and wisdom, or feebleness, bigotry and ignorance. Through these enlightening books, which break many myths and tumble numerous fallacies regarding health, disease and other related issues, she encourages the bold and the brave to control and not be controlled, to dictate and not be dictated, to be empowered and not be enfeebled.


Food for Life


Humanity is ailing and suffering because while caring for our health we negate the fact that a human being is a triple unity of body, mind and soul. And we have forgotten what came to our forefathers naturally—that food nourishment for the mind and the soul is more essential than for the body. A human life can be truly healthy and complete only when we nourish all the three in appropriate measure.


Describing what involves food for body, food for mind and food for soul, the book gives a complete blueprint to assess for ourselves how healthy (or dis-eased) we are. There is no technology developed in the world so far which can measure an individual’s health levels. There are some inadequate procedures to measure diseased conditions though! But the health indicators provided in this book would definitely equip the reader to take a health test not only for oneself but for others as well.


Further, the book gives amazing insights into how small things, which appear insignificant at the outset, have a remarkable ability to work on our body and mind so that we not only remain on the path to health but also restore and cure what is seemingly incurable, or at times, what appears life-threatening. The author draws upon her day-to-day authentic experiences in livingness to prove that a disease-free life is within every human’s reach.


A complete guide to health and wellness, Food for Life is every sincere health-seeker’s manual.


Food is the Medicine of the Healthy; Medicine is the Food of the Sick


If one were only to eat the food that is nourishing and health giving, the food itself is the medicine (ayushadhi) that cures and sustains life. However, since medicine is dead matter, and also an unnatural product, it sustains neither health nor life. Food Medicine is a comprehensive guide to foods that alone can help cure a diseased or ailing organism.


The book lists the food combinations that are healthy or positive and those that are moderately-to-completely negative. A chapter busts the myth of the calorie theory (the ailing humanity suffers the burden of a sacrosanct theory that has never been proven); and another one gives scientific explanations about and the solutions to the problem of obesity and the related diseases.


Nature the only Healer; Health the only Cure


Health is our natural state of being; disease is an aberration. Just like darkness has no entity of its own, and it has to vanish when the lamp is lit, so the disease has to disappear when health is improved. All disease in the world is an outcome of diminution of health. For a genuine health seeker, disease is not the area of focus, ever; true health is. Backed by the author’s personal experiences and garnished by authentic research and objective scientific analysis, Nature the only Healer; Health the only Cure boldly ventures to shatter many myths relating to the cause of disease and why humanity continues to suffer needlessly. The book holds the key to the secrets of health, happiness and wellness. It is for the reader to open the lock and reap the benefits.


Prana: The Breath of Life


Pranayam’s contribution in maintaining good health was established centuries ago. However, the importance of Prana, the Life Force Energy flowing through our subtle bodies and connecting us to our Creator, remains a mystery. But only to those who have not experienced its subtle flow. Does Prana sustain pranayam, or is sustained by it? The Breath of Life gives an insight into the subtle aspects of the interplay of the Prana and pranayam.


The book also argues that improper understanding of the principles of natural health and non-violence, and the indiscriminate application of pranayam and its practice in present times, actually does us more harm than good.


Vaccines: Medical Marvel or Terrible Blunder?


Strong medical evidence suggests that far from strengthening our immune system, vaccines unleash dreadful diseases like autism and cancer. Anuradha Vashisht digs out studies and reports from the time when Louis Pasture first gave his germ theory to the world. The book is an eye-opening account of how Pasture admitted to his erroneous observations before breathing his last, and yet the world continues to swear by his faulty theory and needlessly wallow in self-inflicted pain and suffering.


The author argues for building immunity naturally—a far better and healthier option than taking the crutches of vaccines, which are unnatural, filthy, toxic and dead material causing much more harm to human health than an average person can ever imagine.


Is there an alternative to vaccines? YES. The author supports her answer in the background of intensive research and her personal experience and conviction, where she took the decision of not getting her own children vaccinated, ever!


Secrets of Health and Wellness: The Spiritual Perspective


There is a mystery that surrounds the effectiveness of a medicine or a remedy when applied to different individuals. At the same time, the whole world goes round and round in circles looking for the wonder drug, or the ultimate therapy, or the elixir of life which can give permanent relief to humanity from ailments and diseased conditions. Billions and trillions have been spent so far in research to manufacture ‘the pill’ or ‘the drug’ which can have the potential to achieve cures and provide remedies. But man has failed to do that. Nor will he ever succeed … because he has turned his back to the secrets of health, happiness and wellness. The book reveals the secrets to achieve all these … for those who believe in treading that path … and most important about the unseen healing hand that operates mysteriously, but surely, all the while.


She is now working towards Health Nectar—the world’s first and only true health magazine online—to show the way to a truly holistic living. Health Nectar strives to increase an individual’s awareness in relation to one’s environment, society and the world at large. It gives invaluable information on health issues and provides practical and complete solutions to the problems arising from our existing lifestyles. It is a complete health management guide—the first of its kind in the world. The Health Nectar motto is: ‘Light the lamp of true health to dispel the darkness of disease and ignorance’.


Anuradha can be reached through her websites: and or through emails: and You can read some of her published articles here.


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