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Do you know that

  • when you have health you can never have disease
  • no system of medicine or therapies can give us health
  • every disease—including diabetes, cancer, AIDS—is curable
  • the only way to have health and cure disease is the drugless way
  • the cure to any disease—from common cold to cancer—lies in care
  • we cannot restore our health unless our foods are healthy
  • we are diseased because our soil is contaminated
  • we are ailing because our environment is unhealthy


Do not believe that

  • jaundice in newborns is normal
  • heart ailments in mid-40s are natural
  • women cannot escape menopausal stress
  • removal of organs removes the cause of disease
  • a tonic or a herb can restore what has gone wrong
  • there could be anything in the world called a ‘wonder drug’
  • health clinics can give us health and fitness or wellness
  • we need to live life-long with any disease
  • joint pains in old age are inevitable


Do we deserve health?

No herb, pill, drug, food or remedy can restore anyone’s health and vitality unless one deserves it. And the only way to deserve health and remain disease-free for life is to follow the principles of natural health and hygiene and a simple lifestyle. This involves not ‘cure’ but ‘care’ for the body, mind and soul, and care for our environment, as Mother Nature wants us to. Unless we humans regain the naturalness and the purity of a child’s mind and unless we first make our soils and foods healthy, we will continue to struggle with new diseases, each more horrifying than the other.

Deserve Health

Help in restoring to Mother Nature what we have so violently destroyed. To restore our own and our environment’s health and vitality, to know how Mother Nature helps as She alone can help, enroll and register for our workshops and courses. Anyone is free to join.